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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Carrying Out Telecom and IT Certification Training

Publicado: 9 January, 2023 Autor: Isatel

While developing and carrying out Telecom and IT certification training for your team you have to ensure the quality of it. Poor training can leave skill gaps that will affect your staff and may waste your resources. 

It can be overwhelming to manage all the responsibilities that come with the planning, execution, and closing of a training program, as you have to stick to a deadline and make sure you minimize the risks within your project. 

In this article, we mention 5 common mistakes that happen during improper Telecom and IT certification training, so you can avoid them and guarantee your team’s success. 


5  common mistakes to avoid when carrying out technical training 

H2 - Mistake 1


1. Starting out without a clear goal 

What are the competencies that you wish to develop by the end of the training? Defined goals are the foundation for successful and effective training. Without a clear and realistic objective, it’ll be hard to design and develop a training program that covers the skills required by your staff. 

If you don’t set goals or a defined purpose for your training, you’ll have problems designing the program, as you can leave out important topics. Even if you complete the training by the deadline, your staff would not be able to properly use the solutions or the system you are providing. 


2. Failing to make an initial assessment 

Identifying the current knowledge and skills of your staff is key to developing a tailored training program that addresses the needs of your team. 

Your content depends on how much the staff knows about the system. For example, the level of an experienced member is different from the knowledge that the new member of the team could have. Furthermore, it helps you adapt the materials and learning aids, as well as the methodology you’ll use during the training. 


3. Not having a proper instructor

You must make sure that the instructor that will carry out the training really knows the system so he can clear doubts during the process. If it is an advanced certification process, you need to guarantee that the instructor has gathered the expertise so  they could lead the trainees. 

Furthermore, ensure that the instructor you are hiring has teaching experience, as the sole knowledge of the content is not enough to efficiently complete the training. An instructor with teaching experience knows the best strategies, would choose the right methodology for your team, chooses the right material, and knows how to approach the content for a better learning experience. 


4. Lack of adequate technology, methods, and training material 

You may need to make simulations of real tasks that your staff will have to complete, but if you don't have the right technology to do so, your team won't be properly prepared. 

This can also be the case with learning material, such as books, whitepapers or videos. Usually systems are being constantly updated, the information about them also needs to be.  

Not having the required resources to ensure learning retention and full comprehension of the content for your team, will cause cost and time mistakes. 


5. Not having a qualified partner to take over your training

A solutions provider is key to the proper design and implementation of a training or certification process, particularly when your training requires adaptation or creation of instructional material. With one, the process is easier, as it has the experience with the system and the teaching knowledge to carry out a program.  It minimizes the risks of leaving an unaccomplished training and skills gaps. 


Partner with an Telecom and IT training provider 

H2- Partner with an Telecom and IT training provider

A third-party Telecom and IT training provider ensures your IT team is properly trained in the management of your company's systems and solutions.  Isatel provides highly qualified instructors, who will carry out a customized teaching-learning experience based on your team’s needs. 

Avoid errors in your technical training with Isatel! 


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