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Transform your IT and Telecommunications training through technology-based methodology

Publicado: 9 January, 2023 Autor: Isatel

In the last couple decades, we have experienced a series of changes in technology, and in IT and Telecom we are looking forward to the evolution of technology. We know that how we see some aspects of our society depends on the future of these new tools and technologies, therefore we need to keep updated with the transformations that come with it. Have you experienced such changes? How have they affected your training process?

Teams need to renew certifications and reinforce skills to accomplish day-to-day tasks and companies have the responsibility to provide the training that guarantees effective performance. 

For that, it’s time to invest in tools that cover your team’s requirements as training technology is evolving and expanding. In this article, we are going to acknowledge the different technology-based methods that can be implemented in your training. 

How Technology Has Changed IT and Telecom Training Over Time H2 - How Technology Has Changed IT and Telecom Training Over Time


Technology is an intrinsic part of IT and Telecom, but when it comes to training and certification, it plays an important role to ensure success for the trainee. The process is successful, for the trainee as well as the company investing in them.

Combining the training technology with the right methods, can translate into a more efficient learning process, lower costs when compared to traditional training and an opportunity to invest your trainees in a personalized experience. 

So, what are these changes that challenge you to evolve your views in IT and Telecom training?

Expansion of the training scope 

The internet helps you get the information we need at the time we are requesting it. Trainees have access to more resources, such as complementary courses, e-books, simulations, and demonstrations of the process they have been preparing for. 

Your team can become certified in multiple disciplines, as they can choose a series of training that can be adapted to your team’s time, without affecting their productivity, keeping your company competitive. 

More efficient training for your users 

One of the most important problems with traditional on-site training is how standardized it can be. Instructors need to ensure that everyone is advancing at the same pace, as they wouldn’t want to let skill gaps in the attendees, but this can be frustrating for those assistants that are more experienced or that simply learn at a faster pace. 

Using the right training technology, such as simulation, remote labs or Learning Management Systems, can guarantee that the knowledge is covered and assistants can go through the content according to their needs, as the information can be stored on the cloud and accessed by the attendees. 

Unlimited by geographic borders 

Your company doesn’t have to feel limited because there is no training instructor or program that covers your needs. You can have a trainer from another country or geographical zone with the experience your training demands. 

Location will not be a problem because technology can keep your team and their instructors connected. Also, you’ll save on the costs of transportation, as the assistants don’t have to commute. 

Reduction in training costs 

You can have quality training that doesn’t compromise your budget, as technology-based methodologies lower the costs of some aspects of the training. For example, in traditional on-site training, you would have to reserve a special venue that provides the right conditions to carry out the learning sessions. 

As for the assistants, they don't compromise their work time as they are able to organize their training sessions according to the tasks they have to complete during the day. 

What about the printing costs? Lesson plans and important documents can be stored online in training platforms, so the attendees can access them anytime. 


Rising Technology-based Training Methods

H2  Rising Technology-based Training Methods

Now you know the way in which technology has changed training, so you should also be aware of a series of technology-based training methods that can benefit your team. 

H3 - Virtual Learning 

This method allows for live instruction and follow-up, and permanent access to training material. 

It can be asynchronous, synchronous, or hybrid. 

  • Asynchronous learning: attendee has the liberty to decide when they will complete the training, it doesn't depend on the instructor to advance the content.
  • Synchronous learning: the instructor marks the pace of the training
  • Hybrid learning: it is a mix of the two, in which the attendee can access the material but they depend on the time and deadlines set by the instructor. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

A virtual Learning Management System allows you to carry out ICT training without imposing complex new systems on your staff, letting them focus on the thick of the certification process.

It can be viewed as a repository where the assistant can access presentations, lectures, discussion forums, documents, manuals or e-books. And for your company it helps you to set evaluations, keep track of the time invested and qualify the performance of your team. 

Virtual environments 

One of the cons that some people find when referring to technology-based training is the lack of human interaction between the trainees and the instructors. The experience in virtual environments simulates the exchange of information as in a traditional classroom, where the participants can have avatars that replicate them and have access to immersive simulations of the tasks they’ll be completing once the certification process concludes. 

Interactive training resources

Instructors can now easily structure, author, and edit content suited to meet the needs of their trainees. The attendees can experience training through gamification, video, whitepapers, or tailored material that respond to their learning styles and the nature of the certification needed. 

Meet your ally for effective training 

H2 - Meet your ally for effective training

Isatel Group has the experience, knowledge and resources to comply with your training requirements. It guarantees permanent access to the learning materials, provides mock exams and simulations that prepare your team for their certifications, as well as performance evaluations, remote labs, and a pool of experienced trainers in IT and Telecommunications. 


Guarantee the successs of your training with Isatel


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